A web javascript to help blind developpers to inspect html web pages


If you are hurry, you can directly import the HTMLDevelopAccessibility script in your web browser by clicking this link.


When imported into grease monkey or tamper monkey, on simply called by a web page, this script add shortcuts to the web browser that a blind developper with its screen reader can use to explore the html page dom.

With grease monkey or tamper monkey, the blind user could use it on any web site he visits.

Especifically, the script create a virtual field on the current page where a treeview is simulated, and where the user can basically move in the dom with arrow keys.

While moving or using other shortcuts, informations on each important nodes are then given by saying:

Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the main keyboard shortcuts added to the web browser:

These next keys only work in the dom explorer:

How to install HTMLDevelopAccessibility

They are two ways of using this javascript file:

1. by simply calling it in the html of the web page you are developping.

Example by typing the following line in your html code::

< script type="text/javascript" src="HTMLDevelopAccessibility.user.js" >< /script >

2. By including it in grease monkey or tamper monkey by your favorit web browser.

Then you have to first install grease monkey or tamper monkey for your web browser.

After that you have to click on this link to import the script into your web navigator.

The autor

Yannick Daniel Youale

from Cameroon, in central Africa

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