MultimediaAccessibility- a web script to help blinds to better handle videos and audio on web pages


If you are hurry, you can directly download the script of MultimediaAccessibility in your web browser by clicking this link.


The script MultimediaAccessibility is an addon for web navigators granting more habilities to handle videos and audio objects to blind people.

New keyboard shortcuts will be added, and an effort have been made to make video to start automatically after pages loading.

How to instal it ?

  1. You must first install the greasemonkey extension (if you are on mozilla firefox, or the tamper monkey extension if you are on google chrome.

Those extension will allow you to import the MultimediaAccessibility.user.js file into your web browser.

  1. After that, simply click on this link to import the MultimediaAccessibility script in your web browser.

List of shortcuts to handle videos and audio controlers on web page.

After installing the script, When you will be on a web page containing a video or an audio controler, the following key shortcus will be automatically created:

Some warnings


Yannick Daniel Youalé

from Cameroon, in central Africa

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