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Age of strategies

Key informations

Type of game: Strategy game
Version: Alpha
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard
Date relise:
Date modification:
Autor: mailtoloco


The age of strategies is a real time strategy game.

You control an army, defend or try to attack positions of your opponent.

keyboard commands

p: select one of your peasant in the current cell Alt+p: select one of your peasants in any cell Ctrl+p: select all your peasants in the current cell Ctrl+Shift+p: select all of your peasant in any cell

i: select one of your infantry men in the current cell Alt+i: Ctrl+i: Ctrl+Shift+i:

a: select one of your archers Alt+a: Ctrl+a: Ctrl+Shift+a:

k: select one of your knights Alt+k: Ctrl+k: Ctrl+Shift+k:

c: select one of your catapults Alt+c: Ctrl+c: Ctrl+Shift+c:

d: select one of your dragons Alt+d: Ctrl+d: Ctrl+Shift+d:

m: select one of your mage Alt+m: Ctrl+m: Ctrl+Shift+m:

b: select one of your building in the current cell Alt+b:

q: toggle between available orders concerning the currently selected elements

enter: validate a selected order in order to assign it to selected elements.

arrow keys: move between cells of the board

page down: toggle between deposites, free spaces and buildings in the current cell.

tab: toggle between all of elements présent in the current cell.

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