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Blind Kombat

Key informations

Type of game: Fighting game
Version: 0.2
Nb players: 1-2
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Gamepad
Date relise: 2019-01-31
Date modification: 2020-10-05
Autor: mailtoloco

General description

The blind kombat is an audio fighting game inspiring himself from the popular fighting games like street fighter, king of fighters, fatal fury, mortal kombat.

The principle is that two characters (one from the left and the other from the right) try to hit their opponant in order to inflict maximum damages.

Each character can walk to the left or the right, jump to the left or to the right, and this way can change side with its opponant at a moment of the game.

Each character can stand up or duck down by pressing the down key.

To attack the opponant, the player can use the four following basic attacks:

When the opponants are close enough, the use of the big fist or the big kick can make your character carry your enemy to throw him away.

In the same situation where he is near enough, when a character duck down and press the big kick, he tackle its opponant who falls down.

Also, by realising some keyboard combination, the player can trigger some special attack related to the character he currently controls. These special attacks will be describe further in this document for every characters.

Naturally, it is possible to block the attacks of the opponant by simply pressing the key to go back. When you are at the left it's the left key, and when you are at the right, it's the right key.
Also note that you can block up by simply going back, or block down by ducking and going back. It is important because some attacks require to be blocked down to not affect your character. For example when an opponant duck and try to tackle you.

Each opponant has a life bar that decrease each time he receive a damage. When the bar is empty, its the KO and the round finish.

In a fighting encounter, two round victories are required against an opponant before going to the next encounter. So, each fighting encounter cannot excede five rounds. And each roundis no more than 120 seconds.

Explanation on some menu items

In the menu new party, you will find the following items:

Key board disposition

When you want to play the blind kombat with the keyboard, you should understand that in the keyboard are represented two pads in fact.

The first pad is at the left of the keyboard, in the alpha-numerical pad. When the second pad is situated instead at the right of the keyboard, toward the numpad.

There is a special interface in which you can learn key disposition of your keyboard by entring in the main menu, the menu configuration, then the item 'Learn keyboard.

By default, the keyboard disposition recognized is the classical english qwerty.

If you want to change the disposition recognized, according to the real language of your own keyboard, you should go in main menu, menu configuration, menu 'Change the keyboard language'.

Nevertheless, when you ar on an english qwerty keyboard these are the keys for each players:

For the player 1 who start at the left side

For the player 2 who start at the right side

NB: you should keep in mind that the keys for each player respect the same arrangement, except that the player 1 is on the alpha-numerical keyboard, and the player 2 is most toward the numerical keyboard.

To play with a game pad

You can also play with game pad. In fact, it is recommanded because with keyboard, you still hear keys when they are pressed down, but not with the game pad.

Buttons a, b, X, Y represent fist and kick buttons.

Characters and their particularities

These are the character presents in the blind kombat game:

Andy Bogard

Sexe: male Height: 179 cm Weight: 80 Kg Speed: 37 Country: USA Style: ninjutsu

Particularity: Andy is quic, quite an attacker. Never leave him the chance to recover.

Special attacks:


Sexe: female Height: 175 cm Weight: 65 Kg Speed: 40 Country: china Style: kung-fu

Particularity: Chun-li is quick; she jump alot.

Special attacks:


Sexe: male Height: 179 cm Weight: 70 Kg Speed: 20 Country: India Style: Yoga

Particularity: Dhalsim is slow. In fact he is the slowest of the game. But in compensation his feet and kicks are longer. He have the hability to teleport himself afront or behind its opponant. His fire ball make its opponent fall.

Special attacks:

Ken Masters

Sexe: male Height: 175 cm Weight: 76 Kg Speed: 35 Country: USA Style: karate shotokan

Particularity: Ken is brutal. Extremely dangerous when angry or when he is the last opponant. You should also fear his shoplifter attack which is very dangerous because it remove a lot of life.

Special attacks:

Kyu Kussanagui

Sexe: male Height: 180 cm Weight: 82 Kg Speed: 35 Country: japan Style: karate

Particularity: Kyu is calm, intelligent and patient. He is able to chain its attacks and inflickt alot of damages.

Special attacks:

May Sheranui

Sexe: female Height: 168 cm Weight: 64 Kg Speed: 40 Country: china Style: ninjutsu

Particularity: She is the girl friend of Andy Bogard. Very quick May can revers any situation if you don't focus enough.

Special attacks:

Terry Bogard

Sexe: male Height: 180 cm Weight: 82 Kg Speed: 36 Country: USA Style: karate

Particularity: Terry use to be considered has the best fighter in the world. He is the brother of Andy Bogard. He easily carry its opponents.

Special attacks:

Yori Yagami

Sexe: male Height: 182 cm Weight: 85 Kg Speed: 37 Country: japan Style: karate and instinct

Particularity: Yagami is imprevisible, extremely dangerous because its fighting style is out of conventions. He easily carry its opponents.

Special attacks:

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