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Key informations

Type of game: Word game
Version: alfa
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2021-12-27
Date modification: 2021-12-30
Autor: mailtoloco


The dictation is a game where the player should write without errors some words or short expressions. Each of those words to find will be read in a sentence in order to help the player to recognize their context.


The player have to find a sery of 25 words with 5 maximum errors to end the game.

For each word or expression to write, a sentence is read to the player in order for him to understand its context.

That means grammatical liaisons and plurals have to be respected.

In order to propose its letters, the player can either use the keyboard of his computer, or the alphabetical board appearing in the game.

Note that there is no matter to considere accent, simple alphabetical letters will be accepted in words to write.

Keyboard commands

Tactyle commands

Not that in the last line of the board are present buttons for:

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