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Falling blocks

Key informations

Type of game: Shoot them up, Board game
Version: 0.1
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2021-02-19
Date modification: 2021-02-21
Autor: mailtoloco


You are on a board.

Blocks are falling.

You should destroy these blocks before they reach the bottom of the board.

Each time a block move it says its new position on the board.

Keyboard commands

Arro keys to move between cells of the board.

Space bar or enter to shoot in the current cell.

P or Pause to toggle between play or pause.

F10 to call the menu during the game.

Tactyle commands

Move your finger on the screen. Each time there is a cell below, it will give you its reference.

Double tape to shoot at that position.

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