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Key informations

Type of game: Board game
Version: 0.5
Nb players: 1-4
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle
Date relise: 2020-12-13
Date modification: 2022-05-31
Autor: mailtoloco


The ludo is a board and dice game in whick a player should bring all its four pawns through a trek of 52 cells.

It can be played between two and four players.

Each player possess a color between red, blue, yellow and green.


At the beginning the two to four players get their four pawns in the starting cell.

Each one throw the dice at his turn and displace one of its pawns for the number of cell according to the value on the dice.

To be able to push out a pawn from the starting cell, a player should play a 6.

And when a player plays a 6, he earns the right to play again.

If on its trek, the pawn of a player A come over of a pawn of a player b, the player A send back the pawn of the player B to the starting cell.

Therefore, to be able to free again its pawn, the player B will be forced to play a 6.

When a pawn of a player has exactly made the 52 cells of the trek, it reach the arrival cell and is considered retired from the game.

When a player has removed its four pawns from the game, he is the winer, and can then come out from the game and look the others finish their games.

description of the interface of the ludo in the visugame

On the screen are drawed:

Note that either moving with keyboard or tactyle, arrow keys or scrolling left or right will just set the focus on cell that contains pawns.

Keyboard commands

Left or right arrow to move between cells that contain pawns.

Enter to throw the dice or play on the selected pawn.

Note that the last cell at the right allow you to abandon your turn.

C or shift to read messages on the game state.

F10 to display the game menu.

Tactyle commands

Finger scroll left or right to move between cell containing pawns

Double tape to throw the dice or play on the selected pawn.

Note that if you play on a pawn that doesn't belong to you or that you cannot play, an error menu will appeare and ask you if you want to abandon your turn.

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