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Mental calculation

Key informations

Type of game: Puzzle game
Version: 0.4
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2019-01-31
Date modification: 2020-06-14
Autor: mailtoloco


The mental calculation is a calculation game.
Operations are progressively given to the player in order to resolve in less than 60 secondes.

After every 20 operations, the difficulty of the game increase.

The player get three life at the beginning.
For each mistake, one life is removed.
But when a level is crossed, one life is added.

The interface

When the game start, the player is in a board of four lines and three columns.
This board is filled with the figures that the player can select to compose the numbers representing the answer to operations submited to him.

To move between the figures of the board, the player should use arrow keys.

To compose the number he want, the player should press the space bar on each figure of the number.

If the player want to clear the last figure he has selected, he will have to press the space bar on the deletion cell at the bottom right of the board.

When the number he wanted to compose is complete, the player have to press enter to validate it as his answer.

Let's precise that for players on mobile devices, it will be added at the right of the screen:
An OK button to validate its answer
And a OP button to read aggain the displayed operation.

Keyboard commands

Tactyle commands for mobile devices

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