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Key informations

Type of game: Quizz game
Version: 0.1
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2020-11-11
Date modification: 2021-11-18
Autor: mailtoloco


The millionaire is a quizz game, simulating the popular famus TV game.

It is playable by only one player.

A presentator ask you a sery of questions, each time for an amount of money. If you fail to answer to a question, you loose all what you've earn, since the last step.

Questions are divided in three steps of 5 questions each. It means 15 question in total.

The last question is for one million. That's where comes the name millionaire.

To help you answer, you have several jokers that you have to use cleverly.

They are:

The last joker is an option to choose to stop there and go with your money.

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