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Battle ship

Key informations

Type of game: Board game
Version: 0.5
Nb players: 1
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2019-01-31
Date modification: 2020-06-28
Autor: mailtoloco


The naval battle is a turn by turn naval battle game.

The player play against the computer.

At the begining, two boards of ten columns and 5 lines are created for him and its opponent.

On each board the 10 pawns of each player are randomly placed.

The goal of the game is to destroy every pawns or ships of your opponent.

Every one by its turn have to displace the cursor on the board, and press the enter key to shoot at this coordinate on the board of the enemy.

When there is effectively an opponent ship in that cell, you ear a sound of explosion and the ship of the enemy is destroyed.

The first that wil destroy all the ships of its opponent will win the game.

Keyboard commands

Arrow keys: to move on the board
Enter key: to shoot or drop onse ship at the cursor's position

Tactile commands

Exploration with the finger: to explore cells on the screen
Tuch screen two times: to shoot or drop onse ship at the cursor's position

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