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Thousand miles

Key informations

Type of game: Card game
Version: 0.3
Nb players: 1-2
Compatible controlers: Keyboard, Tactyle, Gamepad
Date relise: 2020-11-26
Date modification: 2021-12-21
Autor: mailtoloco



The thousand miles is a card game simulating a car race.

It is played by two players. Each players have to move its car on the screen, until it reach exactly 1000 miles.

Cards will then either represent movements, attacks, defenses, or immunities.

Cards of movement are:

Cards for attack ares

Cards for defense are:

Cards for immunity.

They are special cards making that you cannot be attacked anymore with a corresponding attack card.

They are:

When the game begins each player receive six cards, and each have to play at his turn.

When it is his turn, a player pick up first a card from the bank, and then is forced to play one of cards he get in his hand on the central stake. If he doesn't find a card he could play within those in hand, he have to chose one he have to throw before passing his turn.

The game ends when one of both player succeed to move its car until it reaches the exact distance of 1000 miles.

Some more rules:

Keyboard commands

Use left or right arrow to move between the cards of your hand.
Use enter key to play the selected card.
Make space bar to pickup a card from the bank.
Make c or shift to have the status of each player.
F10: to make apeare the menu of the game

Tactyle commands

Finger scroll left or right: to move between the cards of your hand.
Tuch the screen two times: to play the selected card.

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